I'm back...and really cold

January 30, 2019



So sorry for the delay....to say things have been crazy would be an understatement. Lord knows I love a good understatement however!


My lovely wife and I have been on a roller coaster lately from: getting out of Malibu just ahead of the horrible fires, traveling cross country, landing in Michigan, and prepping my latest film project. 


Through the hectic nature of the last few months, I find myself stopping a lot these days to smell the mental roses as it were. I feel so blessed....so lucky...so alive. I have met the most incredible people and beating cancer has never felt so good. You know....playing sold out arenas....seeing yourself on television for the first time....being on a movie set....I loved every single moment of being a celebrity. I wouldn't even try to suggest otherwise; there are memories so amazing I can see, smell, and taste them as though they happened minutes ago. I look back on that so fondly I could care less when my business partner Dave gives me crap about...oh...you know stuff like this:



By the way....two points of fact: Dave watched this show as a child religiously and those effects were light years ahead of their time!


The point to all this is I hope to keep on top of updating you all....want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support....and as always...lets kick cancer's ass off this planet for good. Talk to you next week! 



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