I'll try to keep this updated as often as possible with all the project status                                          information as it becomes available 


What You Can't See is a paranormal thriller adapted from a screenplay I first wrote in the early 1980's. 


Please check back here (and on my blog) as I will try to keep updating as often as possible with information about the film. 


When an unthinkable personal tragedy strikes businesswoman and young mother Sam, she systematically begins to deconstruct her life waiting for death to come and relieve her pain. 

Sam is suddenly shaken out of her shell by a series of strange physical events in her home that have her questioning her own grip own reality.  


When a friend introduces Sam to a renowned parapsychologist, her worst fears are realized. Not only are the "events" far from random, they originate from a place far worse than Sam could have ever imagined.


Sam prepares for a fight against an unrelenting force that she cannot see with the stakes being her life and the souls of her loved ones.


She'll need to face her worst fears. She'll need to summon physical and mental strength at levels she has never considered. She'll need unwavering resolve.  


She needs to find the answer to "how do you beat what you can't see"....... 



February 4, 2019


Super Bowl hangover Monday (food, drink, mental, etc.) for most of us.....back to the grind!


I am spending most of this week making some "final" (which means not really final at all but final in the sense of getting my production team off my back and delivering a script to the talent!) tweaks to the screenplay. The ridiculous cold from last week set us back a little bit, so we are hoping to have a firm determination on if it (the weather) will cause us to push shooting back a week or not (mid March as opposed to early March). I should have the answers I need Wednesday evening...(fingers crossed). Either way we are talking a minor inconvenience with respect to production....but I am hoping it won't conflict with any of the actors schedules with whom we are trying to finalize agreements with. 


Take care and more updates to come next week.    


                                                                                                                  ~ Brett