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I have been blessed to connect with some great people in my recent travels. Two people in particular, have been angels with respect to both my professional life and my fight against cancer. Here are links to their respective businesses.....
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Amazing getaway (day trip or overnight...features a great breakfast!) run by my friend Katy Banfield. Gorgeous grounds with a house situated on land once owned by J. Fennimore Cooper (author Last of the Mohicans). W.D. Boyce (publisher, founder of the Boy Scouts of America) is also a former owner. Great history....great atmosphere...if your travels take you to Michigan....check it out!

Kristen Greenwood and family have made Marshall, Michigan feel like home for me and my wife. We can't thank her (and her amazing daughter Taylor) enough....other than to keep plugging the coolest retail gift store and coffee shop we know of! Definitely worth a stop if you find yourself anywhere near Marshall.....and a must if you love coffee and all the goodness that goes with it!