Cancer tried to kill me, and failed. 
Now I am going to kill cancer. 
                                                                           Brett Hudson
In 2007, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 throat cancer and given months to live. I am happy to be entering my 10th year of being cancer-free.
The moment I was diagnosed, I knew it would be a bad day for cancer. 
I am dedicating the rest of my days (and all my personal and professional resources) to ridding our world of this terrible disease in all its forms.....and I need your help to do it. 
Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, email ( matter if you (or someone you know) is battling cancer currently or you are one of the fortunate survivors of the fight...I want to connect. We need to build a network of information sharing to help the amazing researchers and physicians working tirelessly to kick cancer's ass off this planet.