Brett Stuart Hudson

Musician. Actor. Writer. Director. Producer. Cancer Survivor. 

Born January 18, 1953 in Portland, Oregon Brett Stuart Hudson gained notoriety as the youngest member of the group The Hudson Brothers alongside older brothers Mark and Bill. 

The Hudson Brothers experienced music chart success with hits such as Rendezvous and So You Are A Star.

In 1974, Brett and his brothers appeared in the CBS summer variety hour show called The Hudson Brothers Show. In late 1974, CBS re-branded the show as a Saturday morning special called The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show. The show gained a cult following evidenced by Video Service Corp releasing the entire series on DVD in 2008. Brett and his brothers also starred with legendary British comedian Robert "Bob" Monkhouse in the syndicated comedy series Bonkers! 


In addition to their television work, Brett and his brothers appeared in the feature films Hysterical (1983) and Zero to Sixty (1978). 

Apart from his work with his brothers, Brett is known for his producing, writing, and directing work in both film and television.

Brett's television producing credits include The Secret History of Rock 'N' Roll (with Gene Simmons) for Court TV and Fox TV's A Current Affair

Brett also produced All The Presidents Movies (with Martin Sheen) for Bravo. The show's success led to a re-release as a documentary feature. 

Brett produced (and supervised the music for) 2007's Basketball Man which premiered at the 2007 National Basketball Association All-Star Weekend. 

In 2009, Brett wrote and produced (with Academy Award Winner Albert S. Ruddy) the Burt Reynolds comedy Cloud 9. In 2012, Brett co-produced Hansel & Gretel Get Baked which was released by Tribeca Film.

Brett and his wife of over 30 years (professional dancer Lavinia Lang) are parents to daughter Tess and son Jon. Brett is uncle to actress Kate Hudson, actor Oliver Hudson, and Grammy nominated musician Sarah Hudson. 


In 2007 Brett was diagnosed with Stage 4 throat cancer and given months to live. Proudly still in remission, in early 2018 Brett announced any and all of his future entertainment work will donate its net proceeds directly to cancer research teams doing the work he credits for saving his life.